Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting (VCP) is a private medical and legal consulting firm founded by former medical staff from the VA. We were fed up with the dismissive way the Department of Veterans Affairs have been treating our nation’s service men and women.

It’s important to know that Vet Comp and Pen is not a legal firm, nor are we affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs in anyway. Although both Veteran Service Officers and Vet Comp and Pen work to help veterans receive all the benefits they are entitled to, most VSOs only have one weeks’ worth of training. VSOs are not medical or legal professionals and don’t have the extensive knowledge needed to fully understand the unique fingerprint of your medical records and history. They also lack the ability to identify previously undiagnosed disabilities you may be experiencing and how they could possibly be linked to service.

In the event of a previously filed claim, most VSOs are unable to do an Independent Rating Evaluation to determine whether the award granted by the VA was fair, just and in compliance with VA Case Law and the Code of Federal Regulations. Many awards are not and veterans end up being short-changed on significant benefits.After filing over 30,000 claims, Vet Comp and Pen has the expertise to help link current disabilities back to active duty service disabilities and possible secondary claims.

Not only do we help veterans file their claims, we also provide support after it’s submitted. This includes medical exam preparation and educating veterans on specific medical evidence that supports their claims. This way, our service men and women have a complete understanding of their medical conditions and can ensure they qualify for the most accurate rating their conditions warrant.