General Intake

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  • Veteran Information13 mins

    Enter your basic information once and we'll use it to fill in all the forms for you.

    • Service Information
    • Personal Information
  • Services Agreement27 mins

    Your agreement with Vet Comp & Pen.

    • Introduction
    • VCP Medical Consulting Services & Client Requirements
    • Client's Commitment And Representations
    • Terms of Services Provided by Vet Comp & Pen, LLC
    • Independent Medical Option Disclosure
    • Standard Fees, Supplemental Fees & Payment Terms
    • Appendix I & Miscellaneous
    • Notice of Privacy Policy
    • Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • VA Form 21-526EZ3 mins

    This form is the first step in filing your claim.

    • Your 21-526EZ
  • National Archives Records Request5 mins

    Strengthen your claim by requesting your records from the National Archives.

    • About You
    • Signature
  • Review of Systems21 mins

    • Head
    • Neck & Back
    • Arms
    • Chest, Abs, & Groin
    • Legs
    • Overall
    • Medication and Treatment History
  • VA Form 21-686C5 mins

    • Your 21-686C