Claims Continued

Lifestyle Impact Claim

The Lifestyle Impact Claim (LIC) is a high-value secondary claim that most veterans are eligible for at varying degrees of ratings or intensity. It is one that is rarely acknowledged by the VA regional office, but it provides additional compensation to veterans for the impact their current service connected disability is having on their overall lifestyle, whether that impact is social, recreational, or vocational.

Our clients typically receive 30%, 50%, or 70% for just this one claim alone. To qualify for this claim, you must be currently service connected at 0% or higher for a disability that is somehow significantly impacting your life daily in a negative way. We can help you establish a claim for both the disability and its impact on your lifestyle.

Total Disability Individual Unemployability

Total disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) is a claim available to veterans who are experiencing significant employment challenges due to their service connected disability. TDIU claims apply when veterans have been unable to secure and/or maintain employment that can provide financial security above the recognized poverty level.

This must be a direct result of the physical, cognitive, or psychological effects of their current service connected disabilities. If you are currently rated at 70% or higher and are struggling to maintain a steady job due to your disabilities, we may be able to secure a TDIU claim.

Gulf War Veterans

Gulf War Veterans often develop unexplained illnesses due to exposure to unknown environmental toxins and/or depleted uranium. If you worked or lived near a burn pit, or were exposed to depleted uranium (commonly from anti-tank shells with uranium rounds), and you have unexplained medical conditions, we may be able to help you.

Vietnam & Agent Orange

It’s important to know that agent orange is environmental exposure; it's not a claimable disability. You can only file for the disability that results from the exposure to the herbicide. If you’ve already filed claims related to agent orange exposure, there is a good chance that you’ve missed some or all the secondary conditions. We will help you understand, from a pathophysiological standpoint, the impacts various diseases linked to agent orange have had on your body.

This is another case where VSOs who don't understand pathophysiology and pharmacology (drug interactions, side effects and the problems they cause) can overlook a lot of potential claims. We dramatically increase the value of most of our client’s claims because we can identify conditions and their connections to agent orange exposure that most VSOs will miss.

Sleep Apnea

Most veterans don’t know how to properly file for sleep apnea or an OSA claim to receive service connection. Vet Comp and Pen has a proven strategy to get your sleep apnea connected whether you’ve just been discharged or have been out of the service for 30 years. We have never lost an OSA claim at the Board of Veteran Appeals.