So you've been out of the service a year or more, why should you talk to us first?

If you already applied for benefits and are service connected, then Vet Comp & Pen will review the prior decision to determine if it was a fair and accurate rating assignment.

We will also check to see if you qualify for any CUE claims and review all of your medical records to uncover and develop additional claims that may be linked to your existing VA Service Connected disabilities as secondary condition claims. For veterans who have been out of the military more than a year, secondary claims often represent as much or more total awarded compensation than the foundational claims our clients came to us with.

Finally, we also review your records to determine whether potential claims based on lay statements or civilian records might be available to you.

We will help you receive all of the VA disability benefits you’re entitled to – right up to the limit… not a penny more, not a penny less.