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Jerome H
I just want to say that Vet Comp and Pen is the way to go. I have a friend who works at the VA to process claims and there's no comparison. Vet Comp and Pen runs circles around them. They go above and beyond and search to no end to present the best possible claim for you as if it were their own. I highly recommend this company and will continue to do business with them throughout the duration of any future claims or appeals.
Cleanzy P
I first heard of Vet Comp & Pen in Jacksonville, Florida. A few years earlier I had given up in trying to obtain my comp/pension because it was so frustrating. Vet Comp & Pen gave me new hope in getting through the red tape and the legal and medical jargon. I received 50% service connection, tax free!! Since meeting Vet Comp & Pen, I've told every veteran I meet about the Vet Comp & Pen services. Their team is very sincere in making sure our vets get what is owed to them.

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Who We Are & What We Are Experts In

We are a private medical and legal consulting firm founded by former VA staff who became disenfranchised with the way the VA was treating our nation’s veterans. We leverage the experience we gained through working over 30,000 claims to help disabled veterans like you obtain ALL of the compensation benefits you’re legally entitled to from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Many veterans mistakenly understand our services as being similar to those offered by Veteran Service Organizations, or VSOs. While we and VSOs both work to help veterans receive the benefits they are entitled to, the typical VSO representative has only one week's worth of training; they essentially learn how to fill out claim forms. They are not medical professionals. They are not legal professionals. They don't understand how to interpret medical records or diagnostic studies. They don't have the extensive medical or legal training needed to fully decipher your personal VA disability puzzle from a medical and legal standpoint.

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± 365 Days of Discharge from Active Duty

Veterans who will be discharging less than one year from now or who have discharged within the past year are in a CRITICAL stage as it relates to their VA claims due to the time sensitivity of their unrecognized potential claims and previously undiagnosed conditions. All foundational claims must be fully developed and supported with the appropriate lab, diagnostic test, or formal diagnosis NO LATER THAN 365 days AFTER DISCHARGE to qualify as valid medical evidence.

One of the most common and most costly situations veterans find themselves in is the realization that their medical file does NOT contain the necessary documentation needed to support all of their valid disability claims.

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> 365 Days of Discharge from Active Duty

So you've been out of the service a year or more, why should you talk to us first? If you already applied for benefits and are service connected, then Vet Comp & Pen will review the prior decision to determine if it was a fair and accurate rating assignment.

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Appeals & Law Firms Seeking Assistance with Medical Nexus and Medical Opinions

Are you an attorney interested in working with Vet Comp & Pen? We write fully-developed medical opinions using VA-compliant language that include the requisite nexus between disability and military service, substantiated with the most current medical evidence.

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Special Projects

Lifestyle Impact Claim

The Lifestyle Impact Claim is a high-value secondary condition that most veterans are eligible for to varying degrees of ratings or intensity. It is one that is rarely acknowledged by the VA regional office, but it provides additional compensation to veterans for the impact their current service connected disability is having on their overall lifestyle, whether that impact is social, recreational, or vocational. Our clients typically receive 30%, 50%, or 70% for just this one claim alone. To qualify for this claim, you MUST be currently service connected at 0% or higher for a disability that is somehow significantly impacting your life in a negative way on a daily basis. We can help you establish a claim for both the disability and its impact on your lifestyle.

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Total Disability Individual Unemployability

TDIU is a claim available to veterans who are experiencing significant employment challenges due to their service connected disability. TDIU claims apply when veterans have been unable to secure and/or maintain employment that can provide financial security above the recognized poverty level, as a direct result of the physical, cognitive, or psychological effects of their current service connected disabilities. If you are currently rated at 70% or higher and are struggling to maintain a steady job due to your disabilities, we may be able to secure a TDIU claim for you.

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Vietnam & Agent Orange

Agent Orange is environmental exposure; it's not a disability. You can only file for the disability that results from the exposure to the herbicide.

If you’ve already filed claims related to Agent Orange exposure, there is a good chance that you’ve missed some or all of the secondary conditions. We will help you understand, from a pathophysiological standpoint, the impacts various diseases linked to Agent Orange have had on your body. This is another case where VSOs who don't understand pathophysiology and pharmacology (drug interactions and side effects and the problems they cause) can overlook a lot of potential claims. We dramatically increase the value of most of our client’s claims because we are able to identify conditions and their connections to Agent Orange exposure that most VSOs will miss.

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Gulf War Veterans

Gulf War Veterans often develop unexplained illnesses due to exposure to unknown environmental toxins and/or depleted uranium. If you worked or lived near a burn pit, or were exposed to depleted uranium (commonly from anti-tank shells with uranium rounds), and you have unexplained medical conditions, we may be able to help you.

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